Saturday, June 16, 2012

Earn $100 per day by writing articles

Did you know that a UNIQUE article with good grammar is usually
worth about $2-$10?

          Have you ever heard of ? Basically this site pays you $1-$20 for every unique article that you submit on it.They will also pay you $1.50 per 1000 views.Unfortunately the upfront payment is only available for US citizens. I am from Europe and I had to quit using this method because I was only getting paid for the views.
           If you are from the US, this may be a goldmine for you! If you don’t live in the US I suggest that you keep reading anyway since I’m about to reveal some easy ways to get unique articles. (You can always sell them).
           By the term “Unique Article”, we understand that the article is original and never published on the net.“never published on the net” Get it? That means that if you find an article on a book add some canges and publish tem online, the article will still be unique because it has never been published online!
            Here’s how you can make some easy money with articles. Imagine if you submit just 20 and get paid $5 for each one. You will earn $100  Method Conclusion and Suggestions Some say that it’s not that simple to make a lot of money with AC. But you don’t need to worry. Articles can always be monetized, just sell them on elance or on webmaster forums such as WF.

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